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Soy Blend Candles

Soy blend candles are just that, a blend of soy wax and/or other different types of waxes/additives that can help capitalize on the benefits of two waxes or increased fragrance. You get the benefit of paraffin and soy which helps it smell stronger and burn a little slower. Soy blend is the perfect balance between waxes. no headaches!

100% Soy Candles

100% natural soy wax candles are comprised entirely of soybeans and are viewed as the most environmentally friendly type of candle you can buy and 100% wax also burns the slowest, so you get to enjoy your candle even longer! While 100% soy candles are a GREAT option, they do offer one drawback for those that love a very lush scent. Unfortunately all natural soy wax does not hold as much fragrance as soy blends so therefore you scent will not be as strong as it would be with a soy blend candle. However, soy candles are perfect for those that cannot handle high fragrance or just want something with a scent that is a bit more mellow.