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Enjoy our divine scents in the form of a wax melt. Highly  scented hand-poured wax melts made with luxury coconut wax.  These are perfect for wax warmers  and tealight warmers.


wax Volume: 3oz
 Strength : Medium-Strong

To prevent Fire or Injury: Remove packaging before use. Use only in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before use. Do NOT leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach children and pets.


 Scent Descriptions 

Botanica Breeze begins with lemon top notes layered with rosemary, red currant and the fresh perfumes of sea air, then finishes with touches of leafy Greens, geranium, amber.

 This scent is Bright, Fresh and salty.

Whipped Strawberry Trifle begins with notes of Buttercream top notes Layered with the succulent scent of sweet strawberries and rhubarb with scent of salty caramel, then finishes with touches of creamy vanilla, and suagr-

This scent is bright, fresh and juicy.

Citrus Glaze begins with lemon peel top notes layered with the freshness of basil and the undertones of lilac, then finishes with touches of sea and juniper.

 This scent is clean, crisp and zesty.

Exotic Getaway begins with Green Coconut top notes Layered with the ripe scent of mangosteen and lemons with the sweet scent of tropical mangosteen, then finishes with touches of sugar and musk.

This scent is bright, citrusy and fresh.

French Waters begins with orange peel top notes layered with cardamon and the aquatic perfumes of sea salt, then finishes with touches of amber, musk and palm- all capturing the salty ocean’s breeze.

This scent is complex, upscale and sophisticated.

Twilight Potion begins with pink peppercorn top notes layered with grapefruit and plum the floral perfumes of black rose, then finishes with touches of vanilla, patchouli and Labdanum.

 This scent is dark, sultry and sexy.

Green Patchouli + Oud Wood begins with bergamont top notes layered with lemon rind and the delicate perfumes of lavender, then finishes with touches of oud, patchouli, sandlewood and resins- all capturing the intoxicating woody aromas .

This scent is warm, sexy and masculine.

Pretty Peony Sorbet begins with mandarine top notes Layered with the juicy scent of grapefruit and nectarine with the scent of  peony, then finishes with touches of sandalwood and musk.

This candle is soft, fresh and floral.

Eucalyptus Mist begins with spearmint top notes layered with lemon and eucalyptus and the fresh perfumes of sea salt, then finishes with touches of powder and juniper.

 This scent is light, cooling and refreshing.

Shea Bliss begins with nutmeg top notes layered with tonka bean and shea butter the creamy perfumes of coconut, then finishes with touches of honey, vanilla, sandalwood.

 This scent is creamy, nutty and luxurious.

Midnight Flower begins with agave top notes layered with cherry blossom and the perfumes of a delicate rose , then finishes with touches of amber and powder accords.

 This candle is soft , fruity and floral.


Chamomile Blossom begins with chamomile top notes layered with the perfumes of lovely lavender then finishes with powder and touches of vanilla and cedar.

 This scent is Soothing, Intoxicating and Calming.



I love the smell it changes the dynamics of the odors in my house m.

Deb B
Rochester NY

This scent smells so good!!! Everyone at my house wanted one so i will be ordering more very soon for Christmas gifts.

Los Angeles, CA

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